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DIY: Hair Mask for Growth and Strength

HairMirna Norales
DIY: Hair Mask for Growth and Strength

DIY Hair Mask for Growth and Strength

Are you experiencing brittle, gummy or limp hair?

Most people worry about their dry hair that lacks moisture so they use tons and tons of products geared towards hydrating the hair. But as we all know too much of a good thing becomes bad. over moisturized hair will appear gummy like mash potatoes, with no structure.

After manipulation through styling and daily wear and tear, our hair needs protein to build back our strands, giving it nourishment and strength.  Below is an all natural protein hair mask I like to use on my own hair at least once a month.

My fine strands loves protein, after one use I immediately feel the thickness and see the shine. Check out these nourishing ingredients below and try out this mask yourself!



  •  Packed with an abundance of proteins, minerals, and B-complex vitamins like Biotin.

  • Contains nutrients which strengthen the hair roots preventing hair loss while also stimulating new hair growth, adding thickness and volume.

  • The yolk, rich in lutein hydrates and conditions the hair, improving elasticity and texture while preventing breakage and split ends.

  • Egg white proteins nourish the hair leaving behind a healthy shine


  • A natural humectant taking moisture from the air and sealing it into your hair, keeping hair conditioned.

  • Strengthens hair follicles for length retention while reducing breakage.

  • Rich in antioxidants, honey prevents damage to your hair and keeps the scalp healthy.

  • Contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties to prevent infections on your scalp, helping with conditions like eczema, dandruff and psoriasis.

  • Not only aides in hair growth but reboots dormant follicles for additional growth, adding thickness and volume. 

Olive Oil

  • Contains essential nutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids that coat the strands and strengthen the hair from root to ends.

  • Antioxidants prevents damage and premature graying, keeping the follicle healthy and strong.

  • An emollient, penetrating the hair shaft improving elasticity and creating shine.


  1. Take 1-2 whole egg(s), crack open, and pour into a mixing bowl

  2. Add equal parts of honey and olive oil into bowl and mix

  3. Use an applicator bottle or your hands to coat the mask into your hair from root to ends

  4. Cover with a plastic cap

  5. Let sit for about an hour

  6. IMPORTANT: Use cool water to rinse mask out as hot water will begin to cook the egg leaving scramble eggs in your hair. Nobody wants that...

Are there any other ingredients you love in your masks? Let me know!  

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