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The 6 Products you need for Healthy Growing Hair

HairMirna Norales
The 6 Products you need for Healthy Growing Hair

If you've ever undergone a hair journey then you know how easy it is to become a product junkie. Loading up on butters, oils, conditioners, and styling products leaving you with half empty bottles taking over your vanity set and bathroom shelves. In search for the holy grail, we get lost in the bazillion and one brands and products on the market. So in order to keep ourselves more focused the next time we walk into a beauty supply store, here's a list complied of the staple products needed for your healthy hair growth regimen.

Happy Shopping!!!


Shampoo: Used to cleanse hair and Scalp

*The amount of times or how often you shampoo depends on how quickly your hair and scalp accumulates oil, dirt, or product buildup.

1) Clarifying Shampoo: Deep Cleansing to remove product build up

2) Conditioning Shampoo: Contains moisture, protein, or both. These shampoos helps improve the condition of your hair by restoring strength, elasticity while adding body and volume.


Conditioner: Used to manage, restore quality, and close hair cuticle after cleansing.

*Some conditioners are designed to provide temporary results by coating the hair, while others penetrate deep into the hair, restoring moisture or protein.

 3) Surface Conditioner: Helps in eliminating frizz and friction by laying down the hair cuticle. Best used for detangling.

*For detangling you want to get a conditioner with a more liquid consistency to give the hair some slip*

 4) Deep Conditioner: Helps rebuild hair structure and elasticity.

*A moisture deep conditioner contains humectants that absorb and retain moisture from the environment.

*Reconstructors or protein conditioners rebuild the protein structure of the hair leaving it feeling stronger and thicker. These conditioners contain a more thick creamy consistency and are left in the hair for a period of time to allow the conditioner to work into the hair before being rinsed.

5) Leave In Conditioner: Lightweight conditioner that remain on the hair.

*Some people even leave a little bit of their conditioner after shampooing as their leave in treatment (Try to avoid the scalp).


6) Sealant: Lightweight oil based product to lock in the moisture longer in the hair while also providing a coat to protect the hair from the environment and styling.

*Emphasis on Oil Based product, you want to make sure to lock in that moisture goodness.

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