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Why is My Hair Falling Out?

HairMirna Norales
Why is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair Breakage & Shedding

Are you finding clumps of hair in your shower? Left on your brush? All over the house?! Sometimes you may even wonder how you have any hair left. It can be disheartening and even stressful seeing how much hair leaves your head, especially if you're looking to grow it to lengths it's never reached. Is your hair naturally shedding or is it meeting an early fate and breaking off? Let’s find out.

Shedding Hair

To start let’s understand that our hair grows in cycles: the growing stage (anagen), resting stage (catagen), and shedding stage (telogen).

Each strand of hair on your head is on it’s own journey or stage of development. Deep right? Some parts of our head is growing while others are resting and shedding. Once a strand has completed it’s cycle, it sheds for a new strand to emerge. On average, a healthy person loses about 50 to 100 hair strands a day!

This means it is perfectly normal to have hair on your brush after passing it through or on your shower floor. This releases the already shed hairs so they don’t tangle and mat onto the hairs that actually want to stay on your head.

Breaking Hair

While shedding is healthy and normal breakage is not. Breakage is common for those who style, heat style, and chemically process their hair without protecting their hair or poorly maintaining it. Breakage is when hair strands have literally broken off at a weak point in the strand before its natural time to shed.

Read below to find out how to test if your hair is shedding or breaking. Once you find the culprit you can start to treat your hair to ensure you keep your hair healthy and growing!


Is your hair is shedding?

- Take a strand of hair from your comb or brush

- Is the strand the length of your hair? Yes

- Is there a white opaque bulb at the end of the strand? Yes 

  • Try using a green tea rinse to help nourish your hair while reducing the number of excessive shed hairs.

Is your hair is Breaking?

- Is the strand shorter than your hair length? No

- Is there a white opaque bulb at the end of the strand? If there is no bulb, your hair has broken before it was ready.

  • Try to limit styling and chemical processes. Give your hair a break and nourish it with strengthening and hydrating deep conditioners until your hair bounces back.

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