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Review: The Ultimate Detangling brush

HairMirna Norales
Review: The Ultimate Detangling brush

Review: The Flex Brush | The Ultimate Detangling brush

Every so often, there’s buzz around the salon about a new tool that’s all the rage. As a hairstylist myself it’s so exciting to try the hottest and most innovative tools that promise to make my job easier.  

When styling hair the one thing that can really slow down a service, no mater if it’s color, cutting, or even just washing the hair is head full of tangles. Constantly detangling unruly knots and tangles is not only uncomfortable for the client but the stylist as well.

Tangled hair occurs for a number of reasons from dry, damaged and very curly or thick hair. As a hairstylist you want to preserve the hair in the best condition you can. Detangling if not done properly can cause a lot of stress to the scalp and hair shaft potentially leading to breakage. When detangling you want to use the best products and tools that will gently run through the hair and release matted knots and tangles.

Before being introduced to The Flex Brush, I was sill using my Aveda Paddle Brush and wide tooth comb to detangle my knotty clients. Being as gentle I could be was still taking more time than I liked in a service. So when the salon finally received The Flex Brush which promised to be the ultimate detangling brush, I just had to try it out. 

The Ultimate Detangling Brush

The Flex Brush is designed to not only detangle hair but to stimulate the scalp by bending to the contours of the head to massage the scalp and promote natural oil production, leading to hair growth while preventing breakage. Best part, the Flex brush can be used on wet or dry hair. You may even use it to blow dry or even comb through extensions!

For my first time using the Flex brush I tried it on a highlight client. If you know about highlights then you know they can cause tangling after the lightener/ bleach has opened up the cuticle and after shampooing.

As I took the bristles to her hair I was surprised by how the bristles didn’t tug or grab at the hair. It was very gentle and with only a few passes I was able to get through the hair quickly releasing stubborn tangles. Compared to the paddle brush that was much tougher to glide through the hair, I was able to apply force to the most difficult sections without hurting my client. What would have took forever with a paddle brush definitely cut detangling time in half without leaving my client with a sore scalp.

however I would recommend finger detangling as much as you can and then grabbing the flex brush so you won’t have run the brush through your hair forever.  Get as many tangles out as you can before using the brush. Finger detangling is much gentler on the hair than using any brush. So get the big knots out with your fingers then grab The Flex brush for those stubborn knots. 

The smaller travel size flex bush is great as beach day brush or for everyday. On my most recent trip to Honduras while on a boat tour I saw a fellow passenger pop one out from her bag when she returned from snorkeling and quickly detangled her wet hair with ease.

I definitely recommend this product. It’s my go to detangling brush for all hair types. Its definitely help me cut detangling time and has become a staple for many of my clients for their at home hair care.

Have you tried the The Flex Ultimate Detangling Brush yet?

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