Bobbi Boss Bae Locs

I'm a dread locs kind of girl... correction, FAUX locs. I love the look without the commitment. We've come a long way with methods to achieve this protective style and crochet braids have cut styling time in more than half. What used to be an 8 hour process has now been cut to 2!! 

A staple hairdo every summer, I like to play around with different lengths and textures of faux locs. This time around I went for Bobbi Boss Bae Locs.

With thicker but lightweight strands you can achieve a full style with lots of volume! I went ahead and used 8 packs of 1B color. What drew me to this style was the fun pre-decorated color yawn woven into a few locs. A bonus to not have to do it myself and adds a eye catching creative touch to the summer style.

I've said this before on my last Faux Locs post, but the longer you wear the style the more natural it looks. The locs get worn in and move more naturally. The "fresh out of the pack" sheen dulls, allowing the locs to blend into my natural hair. Already a month into the style I still get compliments like I did when I first debuted the style.   

What are some of your favorite summer styles???

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 11.32.34 AM.png
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