The Pixie Cut

I love a long luxurious weave so I can whip my hair back and forth (Willow Smith pun intended), but every now and then I like to change it up. During the hot weather, I prefer protective styles that require little to no maintenance, I like to get up and go. This time around I decided to try Sensationnel's Bump Fab Fringe Wig, and let me tell you something, I am in love!!!

I bought mine at a local beauty supply store in Brooklyn for $35, but on Sam's Beauty website you can find it for as long as $19.99. I personally am wayyy too impatient to wait for shipping. I bought a simple jet black color (1) but she comes in a plethora of color options, from jet black to mixed grays. 

This wig is too comfortable! It's adjustable and will fit any head.

 Let me tell you this wig will change up your whole swag! It's a cute short cut that will definitely make you feel grown and sexy. Warning: This is not for the shy or light hearted, if you want a drastic change that will get you some attention, then Fab Fringe needs to be in your life! It's only a wig, what is there to lose? Try it out!

It's even cute with a hat!

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