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Eyebrow Tutorial

SkinMirna Noralesmakeup
Eyebrow Tutorial

This beginner -friendly eyebrow tutorial is your tool to achieving the eyebrows of your dreams! With only using cruelty -free drugstore products, you can flaunt your brows on the go and at low cost.


Step 1. Fill in

With my Jordan Eyeliner Pencil in #38 Dark Brown, I’m going to find where my brow will begin by starting at the little corner of my nose and tracing my way until I reach my brow. After marking my place, in light strokes I’m  gonna fill in the brow.

Step 2. Arch & Ends

For my arch, I like to follow the natural curve of my face. While on the ends, where my brows hairs are sparse, I make a little tail or triangle.

Step 3. Shaping

Grabbing my Morhe Eyebrow Spoolie, I brush the brows up and out towards the ends. This really helps in blending the product, to make it look more like hair and less like sharpie.

  • Heres another option

Step 4. Defining

With my LA Girl Pro Concealer in medium Beige, I dab the product on the back of my hand to warm it up. Using the brush I gently outline my brow to give it shape and definition. Because I like my ends sharp, I really focus on thinning the brow off with the concealer.

Step 5. Blending

Once I’m happy with the shape, I use my fingers to warm up the product and while buffing and blending. I find that using my fingers really helps me achieve a seamless finish.  

Using my Black Radiance foundation in Brownie, I continue to buff and blend. Besides under my brow arch, where I want to highlight, I go in!

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