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Beauty Basket Social

WellnessMirna Norales
Beauty Basket Social

This past weekend I participated in my first speaking engagement woo! 

Brooklyn Community Services holds an annual Beauty Basket Drive and Social for the ladies of the BCS Transitional Living Community (TLC) and Turning Point Brooklyn’s Shelter for Young Women. 

The Beauty Basket Social is meant to help the women embrace the transformative power of self care. There were many activities and workshops for the women to participate in all led by volunteers. We learned salad making and even had a Zumba class. I led the “Fashion on a Budget” Workshop!

Of course I was nervous as this was my first speaking engagement. Right before I had to go on my heart started beating so hard out of my chest. I managed to get my opening statement out and then my throat decided to dry up! But after a fellow volunteer handed me a bottle of water and I took a beat, it was smooth sailing from there!

I shared all my best tips and these women were engaged, they were asking questions, telling their stories, we were laughing! It was beyond how I thought my workshop would have went. I surprised myself! It was so satisfying sharing something that I love with these women and they allowed themselves to get out of their shells and engage with me. Powerful. I already have my next workshop scheduled! 

If you’re interested in volunteering with Brooklyn Community Services they are having a Spring Initiative with tons of volunteering and community engagement opportunities. 

Click to Volunteer

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