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Brands We Love: LAW Beauty Essentials

NailsMirna Norales
Brands We Love: LAW Beauty Essentials

LAW Beauty Essentials’ nail polish is formulated 13 free and 100% vegan. Made in the USA  By utilizing technology and innovation, LBE’s luxury polishes are chip resistant and high shine guaranteeing a flawless finish every time.

Founder Tanisha Lawrence always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Her experience managing Fortune 500 companies such as Chase Bank and Progressive Insurance prepped her for a life in business. Her dreams of launching her own eco-friendly cosmetics line, led her to hang up her blazer and leave Corporate America behind.

“More than just a collection, LAW Beauty Essentials is inspired by women from all around the world, and encourages expression, statements and woman empowerment.”

I was working for AK Couture Boutique in Brooklyn the first time LAW Beauty Essentials’ high shine polishes caught my eye. The pigmented shades beamed through the glass bottles forcing me to pick one up and swipe a streak across my nail. Once I found out these polishes were born in Brooklyn and cruelty free. I was sold.

Since then, I’ve seen LAW Beauty Essential Polish grow as a company and are popping up everywhere around the USA from New York to San Diego! I’m far from surprised, with their wide range of shades, they have a polish for every woman.

Get in the mix and get polished by LAW!



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LAW Beauty Essentials




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