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How to Find Your Personal Style

WellnessMirna Norales
How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style

Within the last year, have you ever looked into your closet, sighed and said to yourself I have absolutely nothing to wear?

But in actual reality your closet is filled with clothes from wall to wall. Shoes are piling up on themselves, bags and hats and other accessories are stuffed and practically falling out when you open the doors.

If you answered yes to the question above this telling you that you are officially uninspired by your closest. If not uninspired, completely overwhelmed. 

We tend to get stuck in this consumers’ cycle. When we’re bored of our clothes we are so ready to run out and buy that must have item that will fix everything. Only to find ourselves in a few months right back where we started. A closet filled with clothes with nothing to wear. 

Why do you think we find ourselves in this predicament? What is the real problem with our closets? 

What if I said to you, the problem with your closet is that it does not reflect who you are or the person you are trying to be. 

At the bare minimum clothes are just fabrics sewn together to cover and protect you from the environment. So why do we give clothes so much power over us? 

Because we understand that clothes are more than just protection. Clothes are an expression of self, they’ve been used to represent status, wealth, political views, culture, religion and so much more. 

This means in our society clothes are very important. They give off an energy of who you are and what you stand for. 

So if you are finding yourself uninspired or overwhelmed by your closet that means you going to need to put in the work to understand who you want to be and what will you be wearing when you’re being that.  

I’m here to help you break down your closet in order to build it back up to reflect the true you. 

Step 1:

Start with what you already have 

If your wardrobe isn’t making you happy, the solution isn’t always to buy more but to get rid of what’s not working. The goal here is to  narrow down your closet to pieces that you really love. In the words of Marie Kondo of Tidying up , we’re only keeping items that sparks joy within us. 

So how do you do this?

When you’re home you’re going to remove every item out of your closet and you are going to put it on your bed. You’re going to pick up each item one by one and see how it makes you feel. If it makes you happy and you feel empowered when you wear it. It’s a keeper. If not, you thank it for it’s time with you and you place it either in the resell or donate piles.

Doing this helps you get a bigger picture of how much clothing you actually have. Taking a moment with every item helps you understand why you have, what role it has played and decide if you want to take that piece into your future. You want to be very selective when it comes to this process.   

Now when it comes to sentimental items I understand there’s a little hoarder in all of us. I still have my kindergarten graduation cap and gown. The best way to organize sentimental clothing  is to restrict yourself to only keeping only 3 pieces per year. It won’t be part of your daily closet but it’s nice to have as momentos. Only three Items per year!

Step 2:

Be Your Most Fashionable Self

Okay we’ve gone through our entire closet and we’ve tossed what wasn’t working and now we’re left the pieces that spark joy. Now what?… 

We’re going to look at our refreshed closet and we’re going to analyze it. With all the excess gone, you can finally understand your personal style. You’re going to look for:  what mood is your closet reflecting? what styles and trends are sticking out? What patterns or fabrics do you like most? 

These are all indicators of your personal style. These types of clothing make you most feel the  most comfortable and empowered. So when we finally go out to buy more, we’ll have an idea of the direction we’re headed.

Step 3:

Shopping With A Purpose 

A little note on shopping. I suggest when you do shop for new items you only shop once per season. So you’ll be shopping once for three months. Your bank account will thank you, your closet will thank you. It cuts out that nasty habit of always incessant shopping and reduces closet clutter. This helps you really interact with your closet and figure out how to rework pieces and get the most out of what you already have. No more clothes with tags on them.

When you’re analyzing your closet are there any repeating styles or patterns? Personally I’m a sucker for floral print. You will find a ton of flowers in my closet. This means it’s a staple to my style, floral clothing makes me happy. Now when I go shopping I can either lean in or the florals or chill out. Right now I’m in the chill out phase. 

Are there any odd items that stand out that don’t fit in with the rest of your closet? These odd men out are representations of styles that you have shown interest in but quite haven’t fully explored. So when you go shopping you can start to look for clothing that will compliment these odd men out to refresh your style. 

If you’re completely lost and don’t know where to begin, you can always play to your strengths. Are there items that no matter when you wear it you always get complimented on it? A pair of jeans, that fit your body just right or your shoe game is always on point? Lean in to buying more items like these because you know you look good in them.

If you need some inspiration, figure out who your style icon are? Do a google search of “Style icons” figure out who you most gravitate towards or what styles and time periods. Write down what you love about the icon’s fashion sense. Literally take this paper with you when you go shopping. Shopping with a purpose will later save us time and money. Making sure were only adding pieces that are absolutely necessary. 

Let’s recap, we learned how to sift through our wardrobe and find pieces that only sparks joy. And from those pieces we learned how to identify our personal style using that information to later shop with a purpose when adding on new pieces to our closet. 

Now imagine going back into your closet after you’ve put in all this work. What will you gain from it? With an organized lean closet you’ll be able to define and understand your personal style. You’ll always have something great to wear that you feel great in. This leaves you with more time, energy and money for what really matters in life.

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