Brands We Love: Atomic Makeup

Brands We Love: Atomic Makeup

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Atomic makeup is an inclusive cosmetic line celebrating all shades of beauty without the cruel testing and chemicals.This Latina / women owned brand is quickly making a name for themselves in the vegan makeup industry. Their wide range of handmade Liquid lipsticks are perfect for the makeup addict looking to use cleaner products.

“It’s our mission to promote the freedom to express one’s artistic self by creating makeup that matches every skin tone and personality..”


I feel like Atomic Makeup  just sparks creativity!! Set aside their earth conscious benefits, the entire line is  just so damn fun to look at!! I found myself scrolling their site for about 10 minutes getting lost in all the different shades and finishes. It’s like the glitter and shimmers are just  asking you to dip your hands in it and smear it all over your face.

Honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of lipstick. It’s hard to find shades that compliment my skin tone. Over the years I’ve bought so many lipsticks that have made me look either washed out or gothic. Sad, but true. My wallet just couldn’t take it anymore.

This is why I’m completely obsessing over Atomic makeup right now. They’re continuing to make products with me in mind.

Unlike most liquid lipsticks that may leave my lips cracking and begging for moisture, Atomic Lipsticks’ hydrating formula nourishes the lips while sealing in moisture. I can rest assure that when I do find the perfect shade for me, I will get a flawless finish with long lasting wear every time.

“ we hope that when you wear Atomic, you feel empowered and free to be whoever you want to be!”

Product Highlights

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