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Brands We Love: Le Beurre Shop

SkinMirna Norales
Brands We Love:   Le Beurre Shop

My first experience with Le Beurre Shop was while attending the Bronze Beauty Expo in NYC hosted by Bronze Magazine, celebrating the beauty and well-being of women of color. What drew me to the Beurre booth was not the enticingly fragrant products, but the huge smiles that greeted me as I entered the expo. I believe a product is only as good as the person promoting it and Founder Shirley Menard and her assistant were some of the most engaging and easy-going vendors I came across at the event. Both very knowledgeable about skincare and their product, it was easy for her assistant to pick out which cream would be perfect for me to try. And at such affordable prices I just couldn’t refuse.


About Le Beurre Shop

Le Beurre Shop was founded by Shirley Menard, a New York born lawyer turned entrepreneur with a passion for shea butter and tending to universal skincare needs. It took five years of research and trial and error with her team of healthcare professionals for Shirley to make a variety of Shea Butter formulations that help treat common to severe skin ailments such as dark spots and  eczema.

The key ingredients in all Beurre products is the shea butter. Much known for its nutrients that heal and hydrate the skin, shea butter has been used for many years as a simple approach to skin health. Using unrefined 100% cold pressed shea butter sourced from ghana mixed into her formulations, Shirley has taken shea butter from a common moisturizer to a vitamin and mineral packed cream that will not only revitalize but enhance your skin.

My First Time Using Beurre…

I’m a firm believer in plant power. At home I use organic and vegan products in my own hair and skincare routines.  I like to reap all the benefits and not have to worry about toxins. Usually I make my own products, but as of recently I’ve been too lazy to make my own concoctions and I long for my product junkie days where I had a plethora of products to choose from. Fortunately now there are a growing number of companies like Beurre that are more health conscious, vegan and cruelty free.

I had the pleasure of trying the Buerre Visage Ultra Rich Shea Butter Face Cream, used to combat wrinkles, blemishes, and dry skin. This face cream is infused with oils such as argan, rosehip, maracuja, cucumber seed, and chamomile to provide and seal in moisture while nourishing the skin with vitamin C calcium, and phosphorus.

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In my first week of using the face cream I could tell we were a match made in Heaven. I suffer from eczema and dry skin so the thick and creamy texture would work wonders for me now that the weather is transitioning to fall/winter. A little goes a long way, so I use a moderate amount on a clean face and neck right before bed (I tend to toss and turn). The smell is rich and natural, allowing me to relax in the fragrance right before bed. As much cream I like to put on, I never feel greasy as I feel it seeping in and calming my skin.  In the morning the product leaves my face feeling soft and supple with a more plump appearance. Before heading out, I apply a pea size amount as a moisturizing day cream.

I don’t usually get a lot of blemishes, so when I do, they’re massive planets that take siege onto my face. I try not to pick at them but sometimes they get the best of me and I attack, which almost always leave a dark spot that fades after much time. In this case I had done exactly that and I was hoping that the Beurre face cream would come to my rescue and fade the soon to be regretful mark. After only about five days I saw that the blemish was not only fading but my overall complexion was becoming clearer and much brighter. Blemish and eczema dark spots from months before were beginning to lighten and my skin was staying moisturized longer.

After only about two weeks of use now, I’m already sure this will definitely be a staple product of mine these coming chilly seasons. If you’re an eczema sufferer like myself then you can even stock up now on their eczema formula, Beurre Extra Shea Butter Hand and Body Cream- Eczema Formula.

If you’re interested, which I know you are, you can check out more Beurre Shea Butter Products

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Which Beurre Shea Butter product are you buying?

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