NailsMirna Norales

Nails: Tools of the Trade

NailsMirna Norales
Nails: Tools of the Trade

If you're looking to keep some dollars in your pocket by doing your own nails at home or just want to have a spa party with your friends, here's the tools you'll need for a basic manicure and pedicure. Use these tools and I guarantee you'll have a salon finished look. 

Nail Clippers: Shorten fingernails prior to filin and shaping 


Nail File: Used for shaping the free edge, or tip of the nail

Diamond Files

- Hardest Abrasive 

- Reusable 

Garnet and Emery Board Files

- Consist of crushed garnet gemstone abrasive on top of a wooden core, double sided with a fine abrasive on one side and a more coarse on the other.

- Cannot be sanitized. must discard after each use

Block Buffers: Smooths the surface of the nail and provides shine. Are reusable but they do wear out quickly through repeated use.

Cuticle Pusher (right)- Gently pushes back loosened cuticle from the surface of the nail, helping remove excess cuticle to provide a clean longer appearance to the nail.

* Accompanied with cuticle remover, a gentle product for softening and loosening the cuticle.

Cuticle Nippers (left)- Used to remove any excess or loos skin that overlaps onto the base of the fingernail. A well groomed cuticle keeps nails healthy and add to the finished appearance. 

*Accompanied with cuticle oil after the cuticle has been removed provides moisture and conditioning to the skin for a healthier appearance. 

Hand Lotion- Adds moisture and nourishment to the skin and nails

Now that you have all your tools get to work!

If you have any questions on how to properly use these tools please feel free to ask!

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