SkinMirna Norales

Skin Series: Oily Skin

SkinMirna Norales
Skin Series: Oily Skin
  • Skin can change depending on fluctuating hormones and outside factors like the weather. You must change skin care accordingly


Oily Skin

Oily skin secrets a lot of sebum, giving it a textured appearance of large pores and shine. Sebum is a natural moisturizer and protector from harsh climates while keeping skin young and supple. On the other hand, it leaves the skin susceptible to seborrhea, an overproduction of oil, resulting in angry red spots, blackheads and breakouts.

Those with oily complexions tend to overwork and overstimulate the skin which only causes sebaceous glands to work overtime to produce more oil to compensate. Although products with high alcohol content may give temporary relief in the long term they only make matters worse.

Skin care & Makeup

  • Use a cleanser that rinses off rather than a cream cleanser

  • Opt for oil- free makeup and moisturizers to stay shine free

  • Avoid products that claim to be “satin finish” or “glossy” as they contain fats and silicones that will slide on your face appearing greasy.

  • Powder eyeshadow and blush will stay out and help absorb excess oil.


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