SkinMirna Norales

3 Skin Care Products You Can not Live Without

SkinMirna Norales
3 Skin Care Products You Can not Live Without

If you're overwhelmed by the millions of skin care products that grace the Sephora shelves, don't worry you are not alone. If you're anti-product junkie but still want to have flawless head turning skin then these three products are a must have in your bathroom...

1) Cleanser

Used to remove dirt, oils, dead skin cells, makeup and other pollutants that rest on the skin.

  • Lathering Cleansers  are derived from the ingredient surfactant or a detergent, producing foam and sudsy consistency used best on combination and oily skin.

  • Non-lathering Cleansers contain an creamy consistency and does not lather or produce suds. It is not rinsed from the skin but removed with a dampened wash cloth or cotton pad. These cleansers are best for dry to sensitive skin as they are gentle due to their hydrating and softening effects.


2) Toner

Astringents or refreshers are liquid products that help close the pores after cleansing, protecting the skin from dirt and other pollutants

  • Restores the skin’s PH helping hydrate and calm the skin.

*Opt for alcohol free


3) Moisturizer

Softens the skin while restoring hydration.

  • Emollients act as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Its lubricating qualities provide a soft and smooth appearance. Best for Combination and oily skin

  • Humectants absorb and retain moisture from the environment assisting in the repair and prevention of a dry surface. Best for dry skin

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