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Full Feminine Power Now

WellnessMirna Norales
Full Feminine Power Now

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the empowering and awakening talk by Alexandra Villarroel Abrego on her world tour, Full Feminine Power Now. A discussion on the untold story of women, Abrego shows us through personal experience and research, the effect of feminine energy on our foreseeable future personally, politically and spiritually.  

Abrego is a certified life coach and international speaker, having present in over 145 countries, she is leading this generation of women to become passionate leaders in the collective transformation to feminine energy. 

"The Full Feminine Power Now Tour is all about teaching both women and men, how to unleash the divine feminine energy within them through the understanding of our HERstory and the creation of a new and better future. You will leave this event motivated, inspired and equipped with powerful tools to create a life of freedom (ultimate desire of the masculine energy) by doing what you love (ultimate desire of the feminine energy)."

Using archaeological and anthropological findings as reference in her speech, Alexandra conveys the roles women had in past civilizations and how the patriarchal society of today will not be able to survive if divine feminine energy is not acknowledged. Feminine Energy, ultimately love and action inspired by love, is in deficit in our universe. Without love, we will continue to destroy our societies through power and fear. Alexandra teaches how to connect to the feminine energy and use it to prosper in business and life. Ultimately, so that we may all live a life abundant in both love and freedom.

Topics Discussed:

  • The suppressed history of matriarchy

  • The power of our moon cycles

  • The real ways to love our body, mind and spirit

  • How to use feminine power to succeed in day to day life

  • The differences between the divine masculine and the divine feminine and how to balance these two energies

And much more...

For more about Alexandra:

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YouTube Channel- AlexandraTV

Book- BEYOND BEAUTY - A Guide to Self-Love, Confidence & Full Feminine Power


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