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Brands We Love: Susan & Me

SkinMirna Norales
Brands We Love: Susan & Me

Clean Beauty:

Nature’s way of saying,

“I Love You”

Susan & Me is a beauty company on a mission to save the world. By providing organic hair/skin products, Susan & Me sponsors and aides Ghanan human development and education for young women.

To ensure the quality of each ingredient to be free of any synthetic materials, Susan & Me partners with Fair Trade distilleries throughout the globe including Mexico, Paraguay and France. You won’t find parabens, petroleum, paraffins, mineral oil or any artificial colors in any of their handmade formulas.

Our mission is to provide products that are safe, effective, and dependable. We believe transparency builds confidence because customers value knowledge of our ingredients and understanding what is applied to their skin. Susan & Me's ingredients have been carefully researched to guarantee top quality of our expertly tailored formulas.  We hold our values to a very high standard and are committed to delivering the best of Mother Earth in a jar.

- Mission

Founder Kesha Montgomery

After an on-going battle with Eczema in her senior year of Spelman College, Founder Kesha Montgomery created body butters to treat her condition. Soon, her butters became known  throughout campus for their effectiveness.

In order to improve her formulations, Kesha took to her craft and began her education in aromachology. Learning from expert aromachologists and independent study, her creams are now infused with Ayurvedic elements.

After much effort and dedication, Patient Remedy came to be the first lady of the Susan & Me product line.


Patient Remedy

Dedicated to Susan Peterson

Ms. Susan of Susan & Me happens to be Kesha’s Nana. Susan Peterson. A respected seamstress by trade, Kesha admired her grandmother’s work ethic, patience and perfectionism. She’s always strived to instill these values into her own brand.

Susan & Me tells the story of two women's phenomenal skill in creating quality products from their very own hands.

For the Culture

Encouraging social development, Susan & Me is dedicated to improving access to education in developing countries like Ghana and Kenya.  A percentage of proceeds is dedicated to funding community impact events in communities stricken with poverty. While partnering with nonprofit organizations, Susan & Me has been able to sponsor the education of young women and girls in regions ranging from Greater Accra and Kumasi.

With a passion for helping, Kesha hopes to create a platform in service of rising others out of poverty through quality education and job training to build the foundation for their professional careers.  

"The story of one's life is written in service to others."

-Kesha Montgomery

Product Highlights

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