FashionMirna Norales

Autumn Editorial

FashionMirna Norales
Autumn Editorial

“Autumn… The Year’s last loveliest smile [Indian Summer]

- John Howard Bryant

Fall, another scenic season. It’s the spring of winter I like to think.  

Transformation in physical form. For a short moment the world seems to be covered in cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin. The air is crisp, forcing us inside to spend more time at home and with our families. The holidays begin to roll in. Instead of searching for the sun, we begin to look to one another for warmth and love.

Fall gently cradles us as we begin the journey into ourselves at the year’s end. We reflect and question who have we been? What have we done? Who have we loved and lost?

We start our own winters of transformation where the dirty work gets done. Looking to realign to the person we were truly meant to be, reluctantly revealing our faults and flaws in the process. We stay indoors to fall apart and ugly cry in peace in hopes that later we may be able to pick up the pieces. Fall reminds us that there’s beauty in death, goodbyes and transformation.

My last words to you:

Don’t be afraid to fall to pieces in order to find peace.

<3 Mirna


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