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Brands We Love: doTERRA

WellnessMirna Norales
Brands We Love: doTERRA

Since its founding in 2008, thousands of families and communities have experienced the power of essential oils by incorporating doTERRA products into their everyday lives. doTERRA was created with the mission to make high quality essential oils that would be easy to use and even easier to share with family and friends.

For ten years, doTERRA has put great effort into carefully planning and testing each step of the essential oil production process. From the planting of seeds to delivery at your doorstep, every measure is taken to produce responsibly sourced, tested, and pure essential oil products.



Utilizing their global botanical network which includes over 40 countries, doTERRA ensures that only the best of the best seeds, soil, equipment, and growing conditions are used in the oil production process.


To guarantee the highest quality of oils, doTERRA has created the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Testing Process. Partnering with academic, industry, and scientific experts, oils undergo a rigorous criteria, certifying that oils do not contain any added fillers or harmful contaminants.

Network Marketing

I had the pleasure of attending the doTERRA Dream Tour to find out more information about the brand. The tour was hosted by one of its several founders, Emily Wright.

doTERRA is unique in how they put their products in front of their customers. Oils may be purchased through online retail but network marketing is their primary effort to get their message out to the public.

Wright shared her experience from childhood hopping into the car with her father driving across country to sell products when network marketing for companies was common. Wright’s pleasurable experiences on the road with her father pushed her to enforce network marketing for doTERRA. She added that although network marketing may be outdated today, it is still the most intimate form of sale. Rooted in integrity, doTERRA puts people first by allowing potential consumers to experience the product through friends and family who love the product as well.

Healing Hands Foundation

During the Dream Tour I got to find more about how doTERRA is helping not only consumers but those who are working hard to produce the oils. doTerra is aspired to serve communities by optimizing on the resources they already have.

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was created in June 2012 as an official non-profit organization. Helping hands is one of the many ways doTERRA reaches out and serves communities in need. By partnering with organizations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates the foundation pushes to rid impoverished communities of disease and poverty, while empowering them with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Check out this video to see all the amazing things doTERRA is doing with the Healing Hands Foundation.

After using the oils myself and attending The Dream Tour, it was clear to me that this is a company I definitely want to be apart of. If you too are moved by all that doTERRA is doing, you can join the community by purchasing your own oils and donating to Healing Hands today!

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