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Closet Purge Checklist

FashionMirna Norales
Closet Purge Checklist

Many years ago my uncle gave me the book , Closet Control: The ultimate Guide to Revitalizing your Wardrobe and Revolutionizing the way you store it by Barbra Horowitz. At the time I didn’t appreciate it. I was probably around 11 years old and around then my closet consisted of my uniform, formal, and play clothes. There wasn’t much to my closet. Actually I only had dresser with three sections and I was good with that. Despite the fact, I held on to the book for quite some time...

But now I find myself in a fashion hole, filled with clothes that I’ve accumulated for years that neither excite or reflect me. A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. My closet, it seemed was starting to get the best of me. The time had come for it to be controlled.

Well It turns out the book has really great tips on how to purge and reinvent your wardrobe consistently. You’ll never fall victim of another fashion hole again if your follow the process. Horowitz shares easy to follow tips on releasing, re-imaging, altering the clothes you have now to whip your closet back into shape. She even optimizes the process by helping you save and make money along the way!

When to Closet Purge

“[Purging] means removing from your wardrobe unworn, worn out, and out-of-date clothing on a regular basis…If you want to keep things fresh, fun, and reminiscent of the evolution of you and who you are today, you must make the time to purge your wardrobe.” - Closet Control

Horowitz suggests you purge four times a year and keep an item of clothing no longer than three years. This system helps you part ways with the items that are no longer working for you. You’ll find out what looks don’t become you and what looks don’t. You’ll also develop your “stylist’s eye” and break  out of your binging or non-shopping habit.

If you need help deciding on when throughout the year to purge, Horowitz recommends choosing a time a year when you naturally feel it is time for a shift in your life. We all feel when we are in need of a personal change. Most of the time this coincides with the shift of the seasons. You may also choose to purge when the fashion seasons begin to change.

How to Purge

Spend time with each piece. Try on things and look at it through the eyes of the person you are today, not the person who bought it. Remember,  we are always changing. We want our clothes to help us in feeling like the person we are and and the person we aspire to be. When you’re ready, begin to form three piles resale, alterations, and donations.

Here’s a chart to help you determine which pile is best for an item:

Closet Control.png

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Closet Control: The ultimate Guide to Revitalizing your Wardrobe and Revolutionizing the way you store it by Barbra Horowitz

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