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What are Essential Oils?

WellnessMirna Norales
What are Essential Oils?

Where do they come from?

Check out this quick detailed video by doTERRA about the origins of essential oils and their use in nature...

How to use them

Now that you know about where essential oils come from, let’s figure out how to use them.

Essential oils can be used for a number of reasons from relaxation to household cleaning and cooking. Every oil can be used in one of three ways  aromatically, topically, or internally.


When inhaled essential oils can purify the air and improve mood. During the allergy/ flu seasons using a diffuser is helpful to disperse oils throughout a room. Diffusers with humidifying properties also moisture back into the air to help ease dry noses and throats.

While traveling, pour one drop of oil into your palm, rub them together and inhale the oil for a quick pick me up.

The doTerra Petal Diffuser is my favorite right now. I put it right by my bed at night to help ease my coughs at night when my allergies start to react.


Oils can easily be absorbed by the skin for common skin allergy relief or for its calming  nourishing effects. Those who suffer from blemishes will also benefit from essential oil use.  Some oils may be used by themselves but for more sensitive skin, its best to dilute the essential oils with with carrier oils such as olive or grape seed oil.


Yes, essential oils can be used internally to support a healthy lifestyle. Oils can be used as dietary supplements by placing them inside a veggie capsule or adding them to drinks.

Make sure to always use high quality essential oils before internal use.

Essential oil safety

Pure essential oils are very potent. Always read manufacturer's instructions before using.

  • Dilute essential oils with a carrier oil to see how your skin reacts when using essential oils for the first time

  • Never apply essential oils near or inside sensitive areas such as the nose, inner ear, eyes, broken skin or.

  • When taken internally start with a drop or two at a time in water.

  • If your skin experiences an allergic reaction to the oil such as turning red, itching or burning, remove the oils from the skin by gently wiping the area with a carrier oil and soft cloth.

If you have any questions about using essential oils for any particular needs, talk to your qualified healthcare provider.

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