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The Biggest Photoshoot Ever

FashionMirna Norales
The Biggest Photoshoot Ever

I had the pleasure of attending 3rd Eye Media Group’s first photography event,  #THEBIGGESTPHOTOSHOOTEVER. What happens when you throw the biggest photoshoot ever? A lot of clothes, a lot of bodies, and a WHOLE lot of flashing! Of cameras of course. Unlike any photoshoot I’ve attended before, once things got started, it was a non-stop and it was exciting to be part of the rush.

3rd Eye Media Group

Located in a beautiful loft studio in Brooklyn, 3rd Eye Media Group is an advertising and branding firm offering production services in photography, video and design. Dedicated to helping clients achieve the best visuals, they assist and develop a range of content from photography to flyers.

Modeling for #TheBiggestPhotoshootEver

Creatives from all around the tri-state area showed up to the event. Makeup artists were stationed and ready, with even their business cards beautifully fanned out for future clients. As more models began to roll in, we quickly became friendly, chatting and mingling with the photographers and designers. The vibe of the studio was filled with sister/brotherhood. We were all there ready to create together.

The massive studio was filled with a wall full of photographer on one end and full of models on the other. I honestly felt like I was at a red carpet event! Fun, but challenging to think about having to pose for the multiple cameras surrounding you, although celebrities make it look easy, is not. I couldn’t figure out when to close my eyes to blink. However, the fun was in the challenge, as I’m sure it was for the photographers too. We all challenged ourselves to get as many great photos as we possibly could.

After it was all said and done, I left tired and melting from the studio lights. I was proud of myself for attending and collaborating with such talented like minded creatives. I’m definitely willing and ready for the next #THEBIGGESTPHOTOSHOOTEVER.

There were so many great photos to choose from but for the sake of the post I decided to share my photos posing for the clothing brand, Francois Duperval. It’s always interesting to see different styles of photography from one subject.

Check out some of the great images we were able to capture below.

Find out more about 3rd Eye Media Group Here.

Clothing: @francdprvl

Makeup: @np.artistry

Photographer: @3rdeyemediaphotography


Photographer: @Downieimagery

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 3.50.35 PM.png

Photographer: @_Korr

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 3.57.34 PM.png
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