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Hair Extensions: Wash Day

HairMirna Norales
Hair Extensions: Wash Day

Hair extensions don’t receive nourishment from the natural oils in your scalp like your own hair does. Therefore it is important to use caution when washing them to prevent them from drying out.


Before water hits your extensions make sure you properly brush your hair with a paddle or looper brush. Patience is required as you detangle slowly from the tip to root in order to prevent unnecessary damage.

*If your hair is very dry and tangled during this process try placing a conditioner with slip (more watery than creamy) and saturate the hair in order for the hair to loosen its grip.


Once hair is thoroughly detangled make sure to use a mild shampoo to wash your extensions. Shampoos with sulfates will dry out not only your extensions but also your own natural hair. Never tangled your hair while lathering like you’re in a Garnier Fructis commercial, which will defeat all the previous detangling. When shampooing, focus on your the roots of the extensions and your scalp then let the water push the shampoo down and clean the length of your hair.


Deep condition, deep condition, deep condition! Remember earlier when we said your extensions don’t receive any nourishment from your scalp? Deep conditioning your extensions will make sure your hair stays soft and silky. Choose a conditioner that is designed for dry hair and leave it in for about an hour. After the time is up, rinse the entire product out and allow the hair to dry naturally to avoid drying out from a blow dryer.

Apply a leave-in conditioner as the hair is drying. Use your leave-in everyday either at night before you set your hair (braids, twists, ponytail, or wrapping) or in the morning. This makes sure your hair will be refreshed and protected throughout the day.

Follow these tips to ensure you get your money’s worth and have a long healthy relationship with your beloved hair extensions.

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