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Tips for Using Hair Extensions to Achieve Growth

HairMirna Norales
Tips for Using Hair Extensions to Achieve Growth

For ladies wearing hair extensions as a protective style, don’t think you can get away with not taking care of your hair underneath. Neglecting your hair can only lead to tangling, odor, and worst-case scenario, fungus (it happens!). Having hair extensions has many benefits due to low manipulation styling of your own hair, allowing it to grow and thrive. By following these tips, we want to ensure that you keep every precious inch you grew.


Before Installation

Before getting your extensions installed, make sure your natural hair is thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. It is recommended that you undergo a protein and deep conditioning treatment before your installation. This will make sure your hair is strong and flexible when being styled.

Cleansing Scalp

Every other week you should clean your scalp. When hair is covered with extensions it protects the scalp from pollutants that would otherwise accumulate throughout the day. However, if you are prone to dandruff, live in a more humid climate, or are a gym rat, you would want to wash your hair more often. (If you’re not grossed out, try a water rinse in replacement of constantly applying shampoo and drying out your hair or scalp).

Use a squeeze bottle with a tube tip mixed with water and mild shampoo (more water than shampoo). Squeeze the mixture directly onto the scalp. Get a medium toothbrush or use your finger pads to gently scrub your scalp. This will ensure that dirt and buildup will be lifted from your scalp. Thoroughly rinse hair by leaning your head backwards in the shower (holding head forward will tangle the extensions). Take your time making sure you rinse out left over product.

After washing, make sure you nourish your scalp by applying a natural oil like jojoba, that mimics your scalp’s natural serum or tea tree oil which fights bacteria and protects your scalp. When you feel your scalp becoming dry and itchy between washes apply your natural oil.

Maintaining Leave-out

If you have leave-out, hair that is not protected by extensions and is "left out" for styling, make sure to cleanse and deep condition this hair during washdays. Do not neglect your leave out and try not to apply too much heat on your hair for the sake of blending and styling. You do not want weak spots in your hair while your hair underneath is thriving. Try choosing a texture of extensions that doesn’t require too much manipulation of your own hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your leave-out at least every other day.

If you cleanse and care for your hair underneath your extensions, you will reap all the benefits from low manipulation styling, strong hair that retains length. Use these tips to let a your hair extensions work for you, not against you.

What tips or tricks do you use to achieve growth with hair extensions?

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