The Runway Virgin

The Runway Virgin

When I decided to stop day dreaming about modeling and actually pursue it, I took to the internet and came across a casting call for AK Couture Boutique & Beauty Bar in Brooklyn. They were getting ready to display their new collection HAUTE, an all plaid collection and they were looking for models of all sizes.

Three things attracted me to this casting:

1) It was in Brooklyn. Being a Brooklyn native meant I would be in a familiar environment.

2) They had a website where I could look up the clothes. This helped me feel out the style of the designer and see if I would be comfortable modeling the clothes even before I saw the new collection

3) They were looking for models of all shapes. No height or size requirement meant that I wouldn't have to stress about being the skinniest or tallest model, it was all about what I brought to the table.


I danced for years before I ever started modeling. They say that dance is just an exaggerated form of walking but I never danced in four inch heels before. I had three outfits I was to model, a blazer, cigarette pants and matching blouse, and a jumper. All three pieces were unique and required me to model them differently to show off their best features. I was definitely a nervous wreck the day of the show. Two hours before show time, I had my heels on practicing my walk, poses and turns. I've never been one for improvisation so if I didn't choreograph my walk I was going to be stuck like a deer to headlights.  Luckily, the more experienced models were friendly and were willing to give this runway virgin a few pointers.


But once the lights came up and the music started blasting, I knew I had to channel my inner Beyonce and call upon the Cat Walk Goddesses that have blessed Tyra and Naomi and strut my stuff. I love to perform and once I got over the initial step onto the cat walk, it was all water from there. I swayed my hips and gave face when I hit the end of the runway. You can even see in some of my pictures I was getting a bit cocky. The show was a blast and once it was over I definitely got my self a congratulatory drink. The audience gave me great positive feedback, so much so that the designer of the collection Zulema N. George even named her blazer after me!  Needless to say, I became hooked and this modeling thing I wanted to try out became an actual past time for me. This was a new way for me to have a distraction from everyday stressors, meet new people, get primped and pampered by designers and makeup artist, but most of all, it was my opportunity to get back on the stage.

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