Salute Me Pretty Cosmetics

Salute Me Pretty Cosmetics

I had the pleasure of modeling for Salute Me Pretty Cosmetics' new foundation collection. The collection ranged from medium to deep shades for all mocha beauties. The product is a creamy liquid filled with vitamins and minerals that will leave your skin moisturized and protected all day.

I am a victim of eczema. Sounds dramatic, but anyone with eczema knows that during a bad flare up it's damn near unbearable! One of my problem areas is around my mouth, the skin is scaly, discolored, and dries throughout the day. While wearing makeup I have to be consistent about applying a moisturizer on my mouth and lips to keep them from cracking and wrinkling my foundation that I applied earlier that day. With Salute Me Pretty's moisturizing foundation my skin felt cool and supple until bedtime.  Without much product, the foundation gave me full coverage and I didn't once have to pull out a lotion or lip balm to lather my dry skin.

Here are some images from the photo shoot. You can check out more of Salute Me Pretty Cosmetics on their Instagram page @salute_me_pretty

Photography IG: @Sambizam

MUA IG: @Salute_me_pretty

Models IG (Order Top to Bottom): (Myself) @Timelesslymirna, @Shavone_shaveezy, @Vsmiles28, @Keva

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