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Journaling for Self Awareness

WellnessMirna Norales
Journaling for Self Awareness

As a kid, I had plenty of journals and notebooks. I did a few scribbles here and there until that steam of writing everyday came to a halt and the journals were to left alone, only for me to find them years later, rip the scribbles out and try to start again. Sounds familiar?

Well back in April, Best Friend and I took a trip to Urban Outfitters and got ourselves cute notebooks in which we dedicated to write in daily (as often as we could). Now in September, I'm only a few pages away from completing my first journal ever from cover to cover!  I can honestly say that I have experienced great benefits from journaling everyday and I wanted to share with you some of them in hopes that it would light a fire under your butt to start journaling too!


Keeps You Honest

When you are finally able to relax and get over the fact that you're writing out your raw honest feelings into a notebook, the moment your pen hits that paper you begin to start to write honestly and express how you truly feel about yourself, people, and events that are happening in your life and affecting you.

Become A Better Problem Solver

Ever had a thought swim around in your head all day causing you great anxiety and unease? Well I've learned that writing down those negative thoughts down allows me to get them out of my head and onto the page so that I can analyze the thought, where it comes from, and how to solve it, so I can finally go on about my day. Small problems or big problems, it doesn't matter!

Judgment Free

Journals are private. When you're writing it's just you and your thoughts. You don't have to worry about someone giving you negative feedback or judging how you're feeling. This gives you a chance to actually feel your emotions and internally deal with them. Learning how to deal with your emotions on your own will only make you stronger!

Gain Confidence

Journaling helped me realize that I can be my own problem solver. I've gotten to know myself better by learning my thought patterns and why I react to situations the way I do. I'm allowed to be vulnerable, feel my emotions, and then build myself back up. Most of my entries are usually me whining and complaining and then yelling at myself to stop being insecure and start being fearless. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a moment to break down so that we can build ourselves back up stronger. I mean if you're not your #1 cheerleader or coach who will be?

*If you ever want to shock yourself, get a journal and start writing. Try to write everyday for at least a month. When you're done with your month, look back on the first few entries and then your most recent. It's funny how life changes so much in a couple of weeks...

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