HairMirna Norales

Oh No! Not Split Ends!!!

HairMirna Norales
Oh No! Not Split Ends!!!

A split end occurs when the end of the hair strand is damaged due to abuse, mishandling, and stress of your hair. After harsh treatment, the end of the strand separates into two or more fragments. If left untreated the split end may travel all the way to the scalp. Split hair is severly damaged hair. Despite the promises of many hair products, split ends can not be repaired or  fused back together. The only way to rid yourself of split ends is to cut them off.

Here is a picture of common split ends. Once you can identify them, you can destroy them



Avoiding Split Ends

- When you find a split end, CUT IT!

- Before applying heat or a chemical treatment to your hair use a deep conditioning mask

- While using heating tools, protect your strands and ends with a heat protectant

- Use a leave-in conditioner or spritz water on your hair daily to keep hair and ends moisturized

- Avoid shampooing hair more than necessary. If you wash your hair often, try skipping the shampoo and conditioner wash only.

- Maintain a healthy diet that provides vitamins and minerals to your hair. Biotin is important to the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Soybeans, oats, corn, and rice are some popular biotin rich foods.

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