Beach Bum Protection

Beach Bum Protection

Hanging at the beach when you need some relief from the sun you take a dip in the water, harmless right? Wrong! We are less aware of the dangers the water can have on our skin, here's some tips to protect yourself

1) Never dry off naturally after a swim. Water droplets act as mini magnifying glasses and intensify the strength of the sun rays

2) Always shower after a swim. Sea water contains salt and pool water contains chemicals, both drying to the skin

3) Protect your hair. Salt water and chlorine wreak havoc on your hair. Invest in products that contain a protective layer of silicone as well as uv protection, acting as a sealant to keep your hair color and conditioner in.

4) Increase your SPF. Use waterproof sunscreen and reapply regularly, particularly after swimming.

5) Sit in the shade, wear sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from reflective glare from the water

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