Skin Series: Dry Skin

Skin Series: Dry Skin

Skin can change depending on fluctuating hormones and outside factors like the weather. You must change skin care accordingly.


Dry Skin

  • Tends to age quickly and can be flaky

  • Pores are barely visible with minimal sebum production 

  • Shine free and taut or rough feel

  • Susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles

Skin needs supply of water (internally) and hydrating products. We lose about 1 pint of body fluid a day through epidermal evaporation. Those with dry skin should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

Air conditioning and wind exposure aggravate dry skin. Use a protective moisturizer twice a day, hydrating products nourish the skin and prevent premature aging. Occasionally, try using a moisturizing night treatment, skin absorbs active ingredients best when you’re asleep.

For makeup use oil based products, powder will appear cracked as they stick into creases and crevices of the skin.


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