Peace & Unity

I was asked, what does peace and unity mean to you? And after much thought here was my answer…

In my experience, peace is a product of inner stillness and unity. In the midst of chaos and struggle, I find peace when I am able to silence all my thoughts and no longer judge circumstances but accept what is. When I share my experiences with others and they share their own journey, I am able to find peace. 

For example, when my mother was battling breast cancer, during that emotional time for my family and foundation, I found that the only way I was able to heal and accept what was happening was by not judging the present and accepting what was. What was happening was already written in the stars and I had no control. I had to find peace and strength within myself through surrender.

I have learned that through sharing my experiences, I no longer give my fears and anxieties power by hiding them. The more I open up to my family, friends, and co-workers, the more inclined they are to share their own experiences. Then suddenly, I no longer feel alone in this journey. No person is an island but I have learned you can find peace through both solidarity and unity. 

What does Peace and Unity mean to you?

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