Waxing Chronicles

Never again will I go another 2 1/2 months between waxes. I've been Running around like Chubakka, hair blowing in the wind and then one day I walk aimlessly pass unikwax and think "it's time"! at that moment I decide it all rip everything off my body. 

At the first tear, I knew I messed up. For an hour I felt every follicle snatched from my skin. Wondering as I laid there, is it too late to turn back? Is this a strange form of self torture? Am I bleeding?

After 25 minutes i began to see stars. My legs started to shake from the pain and chill from the ongoing wall fan cooling the wax. I would have asked her to turn it down but it was keeping my pain sweat at Bay. 

Wax, powder, hair, and stress all over the place. The waxist was kind, she tried to make light jokes, ripping a strip holding it up for me to see and exclaims, "like a kiwi!" I chuckled, she was cute, but now's not the time, hurry up and finish this bad decision I started.

She did a fantastic job, letting me get just enough of a break to breath while she did easier parts like my legs and only taking small sections so I wouldn't pass out in pain. 

Now I'm a bald betty. Body spring cleaning, done and done. I repeat, never again will I go two months between appointments. You completely forget about the pain only for it to punch you in the face later. Oh and maybe Next time I should grab something to eat beforehand. Passing out during your wax ain't cute.


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