4/6/15 [On Journaling]

I got a journal so that I can
release my anxieties. Take them out of
my head as they affect my
physical. I feel my stress in my stomach. Causing contractions, not painful
but noticeable. I used to feel them in
my chest. It was a pressure, light, like someone put their hand on my heart
and squeezed slightly. Hopefully, putting
my worries to words would help me release them and let them stop squeezing
me like a huge snake, suffocating me,
taking my breath away. Funny I do
hold my breath a lot! Literally my
anxiety is a snake suffocating me.
The more I try to avoid and push it away
the tighter it grasps me and makes itself
noticeable. It makes me want to cry
and wail. Anxiety, you reptile, you
slithering reptile, I'm ready to let you
go. And tame you.

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