What is Your Hair Asking For?

What is Your Hair Asking For?

After daily styling, excessive weather conditions, and just daily wear and tear our hair cries for some love and attention. So you go to your favorite hair mask and smear off the good stuff. But how do you know it's exactly what your hair is asking for? Not all deep conditioning treatments are alike. Some are geared towards providing the hair with moisture, while others are protein based. If you don’t know the signs your conditioning treatment could be causing you more harm than good. So how can you be sure? 

Feel your hair

You hair needs moisture if it's:

  • Dull

  • Dry

  • Tangling


Your hair needs protein if it's:

  • Limp

  • Gummy

  • Sticky

  • Stringy

  • Weak

For Further inspection try the STRAND TEST

  1. Take a strand of your hair

  2. gently stretch it

(Healthy hair when wet may stretch up to 50% and 20% while dry)

  • If you hair snaps back to its original length without breaking, you have balanced moisture and protein levels

  • If your hair stretches more than it should then breaks you are in need of protein

  • If your hair breaks immediately then you are in need of moisture

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