Elephant Pants

Best Friend Addie went on a shopping spree at The Elephant Pants and got some goodies for me too! She spoils me...

The Elephant Pants is a clothing company that sells the most comfortable Bohemian-style Thai Harem Pants, Shorts, Rompers, Bags, and Tapesties. A corporate sponsor of African Wildlife Foundation, they help save the elephants by  donating $1 or $2 from every item they sell to help support the parks and rangers in Africa preventing elephant poaching.

Aside from donating to an awesome cause their pants are amazing. Addie bought herself some pairs of harem pants and they are one of the most comfiest pants that have ever graced my legs. Not to mention, ridiculously stylish! Confession: once Addie gifted me the shorts, I wore them for like three days straight. Sorry, not sorry.



Check out more of their stuff here!

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