How to Choose Your Crystals?

How to Choose Your Crystals?

Healing crystals or "Feel Good Stones" have made a serious comeback. They're popping up everywhere from home decor to beauty products. These stones hold thousands, even millions of years in the earth's history and energy. Long before the recent hype,  ancient civilizations worked with these unique stones for guidance and healing. If you're looking into using crystals for more protective, healing, and feel good energy, I recommend getting yourself a beautiful piece of crafted jewelry to start.

Some say that crystals work to their fullest potential when in direct contact to the skin, such as handling or wearing them. From personal experience, I tend to be more aware of my crystals when I wear them as jewelry, they become part of my outfit. And why not? They're freaking gorgeous! And when you draw your attention to your crystal, that's when the real magic happens! But more on that later...

Crystals can be worn as pendants, rings, earrings, chains of stones, you name it. But before you pick any stone, you have to know your purpose or intention on picking that stone. Different stones emit different energies. You want to do your research, some soul searching, maybe even some journaling, in order to pick the best stone to assist in your manifestations. 

Once you have your intention in line with the energy of your stone, now it's time to connect to your stone. Some do this by mediating with their stones, prayer, or just clearing their mind and being. It's best to not overthink it. However you choose to connect with your crystal and intention is entirely up to you.

Please, don't over do it! I know once you have one crystal it's too easy to get a whole collection going. But if you want to really work on setting and achieving your intentions, you want to stick to a few crystals at a time. Don't spread your energy across too many stones, it's best to focus wholeheartedly on one goal at a time.

Okay that's all I got for now...

Happy Manifesting!!

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