Makeup: Dry Skin Friendly

Makeup: Dry Skin Friendly

Do you suffer from dry skin? Does your makeup flake off or worse leaves creases and wrinkles all over your face? Some makeup products may help your skin more than others. You can nourish your skin while maintaining your makeup all day long.

Liquids and Creams

Use a liquid or cream foundation containing oil to lock in the moisture in your skin. These products do not dry the skin like powders and will protect your skin from losing moisture. If you don't need much coverage try a tinted moisturizer or beauty balm (BB Cream) that provides some coverage but is pact with hydrating ingredients for your skin like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B.

Lip Gloss

If you suffer from dry lips, its in your best interest to avoid matte lipstick or long-wearing formulas as they dry out the sensitive skin on lips. Stick to lip gloss or sheer lipstick. If matte lips are your staple look, try carrying a lip balm with you to rejuvenate your lips periodically and then go over with your lipstick again.

Skin Refresher

If your skin begins to dry out midday, give your face a boost of moisture with a hydrating toner such as rose water. Carry a travel-sized spray bottle and lightly spritz your face. This will help balance the moisture in your skin and keep your makeup from flaking off

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